Monday, March 29, 2010

Short Introduction of My Life

I'm Udit Singh popularly known as UPSC not actually a Guitar Hero. Born on 29 Feb 1996 in Indore, India. Looking very cute and innocent growing up slowly with some memorable movements. Running everywhere naked was my regular activity. My pet name was kept Manu. At age of 4 I was forcefully sent to school. I studied in ST.Pauls and DELHI PUBLIC School[DPS]. I managed and came up with good friends. Today 29 march 2010 I'm promoted in class IX. Result down of class 8th gave me a lot of depression but I managed...

During summer holidays 2009 I started learning playing Guitar which today is my only passion. Now I have got 4 friends of colony playing music and we are a complete band today. I thanks my sister who forced me to go to guitar classes.

I have no Idea about my future and don't know that what I will do but I believe in God and I know that , I will do something or other better in my future.

In one word...Interesting

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